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Tioman Island is one of the most popular place for those who like to catch the soft tropical breeze and enjoy white sandy beach with blue clear water. It is situated in the east coast of Pahang and about 54 miles from mainland. According to the legend, the mystical of Tioman Island is resting of magical dragon princess who whilst flying from China to her beloved prince in Singapore, sought solace in the crystal waters of South China Sea. 

She was pleased with the charm surrounding and discontinue her journey and search for happiness in order to give pleasure and comfort to weary passing seafarers as well as providing shelter and refreshment to fisherman by turning herself into this beautiful island.This island offers a lot of adventure activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, fish viewing and beach & water sports.

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Other facilities/activities at our resort :   Snorkeling Activity 1. Restaurant / Cafe 2. Snorkeling / Fishing Trip 3. Kayak 4. Beach Sports – volleyball, football & beach games 5. WIFI 6. Karaoke Hall 7. Jungle Trekking 8. Waterfall Trip 9. Transportation 10. Surfing (Monsoon season:Nov-Mac) 11. Gift shop & Mini Market            


Welcome to JUARA MUTIARA RESORT Endowed with miles of white sandy beaches and swaying coconut trees, wild flowers growing in a vivid fusion of colors, waterfalls cascading down moss covered slope and rustic, charming villages filled with friendly faces. That is Tioman Island, a tear-shaped tropical island paradise located about 80 kilometers northwest off the east coast of peninsular Malaysia. The island is indeed, a heaven for a spectacular marine life and striking coral gardens. Back dropped by the twin peaks of Gunung Semukut, a prominent landmark of the island, it is truly one of the most beautiful and idyllic islands in the world. It is veritable garden of colorful marine life, offering underwater enthusiast some of the best diving site in the world. Kampung Juara is a quiet and peaceful village situated on the eastern shore. Here you can find the longest and most beautiful beach in the island. It offers a perfect getaway from the hustle of the city. You will find

Accommodation Types

                                                                                               Twin/Triple Chalet             Quad Chalet         VILLA Family Beach House